Villas and other real estate offers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most attractive countries in Latin American region in terms of real estate acquisition, investing and starting a business. The situation is explained by the fact that Costa Rica is considered the most stable and secure country in Latin America (making it a popular destination for American, Canadian and European investors and tourists). Secondly, it is one of a few countries with the access to the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans and the Caribbean Sea. Unique ecology, nature reserves, therapeutic thermal springs, beaches, two oceans, summer all the year round, evergreen vegetation, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls - this is Costa Rica, very attractive country in Central America. There you can find luxury homes for sale at a price equal to a price of an ordinary small-sized city apartment located in large cities of Canada or the US. Read more about one click booking and how to choose the most suitable vacation home.

It is one of the most politically, financially and economically stable countries in the world. This country has been providing absolute guarantees of private property inviolability for several centuries. Wars, disasters and revolutions sidestepped this piece of Eden. Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Latin America (the current president is a Nobel Prize winner), a country with an open economy, which has a free trade agreement with the United States and other well-developed countries of the world. Large percentage of the population speaks not only the native Spanish, but also English well.

Here you can purchase a villa by the sea with a tropical garden and apartments with breathtaking views of the ocean. Buying a property in Costa Rica you get a chance to it lease to tourists coming here from around the world 365 days a year in addition to spending wonderful holidays or some life periods in this paradise with your family. Prices on luxury homes offered for sale did not went down even in the moments of global crisis, but, on contrary, are constantly growing. Subsequently, you can make a profit by selling real estate lately.

You can easily start your own business or buy a ready-made company, commercial real estate, hotel, restaurant, boutique, supermarket, factory, plantation, etc.

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