3 Tips to Pack a Suitcase More Efficiently

When you are going for fishing with your new friends, you never know what you may and may not need. Exactly because of this you frequently will end up having tons of stuff for any possible situation during the vacations. This is why we consulted professional moving services in Regina to help you with efficient packing for the vacation to take everything you need and not look overloaded with stuff.

Have a Plan

When going for fishing in Regina you will likely to know the weather before making your house booking and so will you know the items you need for the mother-nature relax. So the rule of thumb is like that: take together all you have and choose the items you like, look good in, and that are comfortable. Pack only items that correspond to all three points.

Rolling vs Folding

After you have a pile of stuff you want to take with you the real challenge of packing begins: how to fit everything in a small bag? If you need to look perfect, then folding is better because clothes will less likely to look wrinkle after unpacking. However, if you roll everything you will be able to take more things with you. So according to professionals in moving you need to fold jackets and pants and roll T-shirts, shorts, socks and underwear. In this way you get the most of your bag’s space.

Get Packing

And finally, here is a rough order of items to be packed:
- Stuff your shoes with socks and undergarments, and put shoes on the bottom.
- Then go pants, jeans and sweater that do not wrinkle a lot.
- Fragile stuff should be placed in the middle.
- Now come rolled t-shirts, shirts, and undergarments.
- And then go things you will need first when the bag is opened.

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